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''Creative without strategy is called 'art.' Creative with strategy is called 'advertising.'' --Jef I. Richards
Reach your target group with online advertising

Do you want to generate more traffic and leads?

Online Advertising is the best option to reach your customers in a cost-efficient way. Leadgate Europe is specialized in generating high quality B2B leads for IT companies. We get the most out of your campaigns by ongoing optimizations based on data. Below you can find two online advertising options we use a lot for IT companies.

Template Online Marketing Plan 2019

Template Online Marketing Plan 2019 Are you working on an Online Marketing Plan for your IT company? Or are you looking for the right Online Marketing Strategy? Download our Online Marketing Plan template for 2019 now. Make sure you have thought about everything.

How it works


Google’s online advertising platform

Google is still the biggest search engine of the world. We know how to create ads visible when your potential customers use relevant keywords to search for a solution in Google. As a online marketing agency for IT companies we know exactly what your business is all about and therefore what fitting keywords are. What are the benefits of Google Ads?
  • You can determine how many budget you want to spend every month;
  • You only pay for the achieved results;
  • You can measure all results and take action based on this data;
  • Your ads are visible very fast;
  • You can determine the quality of the leads by yourself.

We are Google Partner

Leadgate Europe has the Google Partner Badge and therefore we can call ourselves Google Partner. The Google Partner Badge is a sign that you work with a professional partner who has proven and up-to-date expertise with Google Ads.

Online advertising with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a online social network focused on professionals. LinkedIn offers an advertising platform which is interesting to generate B2B leads. It allows us to easily reach your specific target group (by targeting on position, branch, company size, education) and show your ads to the right people inside a company. Advantages of using LinkedIn Ads:
  • Because of LinkedIn’s specific targeting options, your content is only visible for the relevant target group.
  • Lead Gen Forms: Using pre-filled forms based on the current LinkedIn data, guarantees you more qualitative leads.
  • Very useful for the B2B market.
  • Large number of users in the Netherlands.
  • High user engagement.

Leadgate Europe process

We set up your online advertising campaigns, with the aim to generate more leads. We set up your ad groups and relating keywords and link a page to them where visitors can directly download information or register for a relevant event.

What kind of work do we help you with?

  • We set up your account;
  • We link Google Analytics & Google Search Console to your account;
  • We set the complete campaign and optimize your landing page;
  • We make live reports with the results of the campaigns;
  • We optimize your campaigns based on data.

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Become a lead or take the lead? Lead Generation is what we do. If you need some help with your lead generation, feel free to contact us on the details below.

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