Marketing Automation

“Marketing Automation is powerful software and processes which make complex and repetitive tasks easy.” --Mautic
Use the benefits of marketing automation

Create converting leads

Do you want more qualified leads for your IT company? With marketing automation you can attract new customers to your brand in an efficient way. By sending the right content at the right time, we know how to transform your leads to potential customers ready to buy your service. Our specialists guide your leads through the entire buyer journey and provide an relevant lead nurturing strategy.

Template Online Marketing Plan 2019

Template Online Marketing Plan 2019 Are you working on an Online Marketing Plan for your IT company? Or are you looking for the right Online Marketing Strategy? Download our Online Marketing Plan template for 2019 now. Make sure you have thought about everything. 

Qualified leads with marketing automation

Marketing automation is using automated systems to attract customers to your brand. These systems guide your leads through the entire buyer journey. The right content is automatically send on the right time to your lead or prospect.

Advantages of using marketing automation:

  • Possibility of using lead nurturing;
  • Increased conversion;
  • More relevance for your customer;
  • Better insights in customer behaviour;
  • Better alignment between marketing and sales;
  • Experience the advantages

Marketing automation software

We use Act-on: one of the worlds best marketing automation software. With Act-on we provide insights in the entire buyer journey. The power of Act-on is it’s complete package of marketing tools. However it’s also possible to use other marketing automation software because we also know how to use them.

Advantages of using Act-on: 

  • Webforms and landing pages: save your webforms, landing pages en related data on one place;
  • CRM integration: integrate Act-on with CRM systems such as Salesforce or SugarCRM;
  • Lead scoring: know when you need to take action on your leads with automatic lead scoring;

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