“Content is king.” --Bill Gates
Develop a content strategy for your IT-organization

Send rich content based on data

Every minute more than 200 million pieces of content are being made. So how can you stand out with your IT-organization? Writing rich content is not a piece of cake within the IT market. Sending rich content based on valuable data to your potential customers is what we love doing. With our specific knowledge of the IT market we help your IT-organization with content marketing.

Template Online Marketing Plan 2019

Template Online Marketing Plan 2019 Are you working on an Online Marketing Plan for your IT company? Or are you looking for the right Online Marketing Strategy? Download our Online Marketing Plan template for 2019 now. Make sure you have thought about everything.

Boost your keyword positions in Google with content marketing

Content is important for every company but especially for those within the IT branch. New and existing customers love it when you share relevant knowledge, boosting your positions in Google’s search engine. To generate qualitative leads you definitely need to have a smart content distribution. Having a strong content marketing strategy will help you with:
  • Increasing brand awareness;
  • Better positions in search engines;
  • Building a long term relationship with your customers;

Plan your content with LinkedIn Ads

Leadgate Europe advertises on LinkedIn for you. Because LinkedIn is focused on professionals, it’s an excellent way to reach B2B customers. We use targeting options to reach your target group with interesting content to increase online exposure and generate leads. 

Advantages of using LinkedIn Ads:
  • Because of LinkedIn’s specific targeting options, your content is only visible for the relevant target group.
  • Lead Gen Forms: Using pre-filled forms based on the current LinkedIn data, guarantees you more qualitative leads.
  • Very useful for the B2B market.
  • Large number of users in the Netherlands.
  • High user engagement.

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