Online marketing for IT

Leadgate Europe is specialized in online marketing for IT companies

Online Marketing for IT-companies

Leadgate Europe offers a complete online marketing approach with guaranteed better conversion rates. We help IT companies, such as manufacturers, partners and distributors, with several marketing services to build a complete process for their online marketing campaigns.

Online Marketing as a service

We believe all marketing activities should be available ‘’as-a-service’’, fitting the needs of your company. In marketing, it is crucial to translate needs into clear values and to gain insights into online customer behaviour. This is how we create new possibilities and value. Collecting information of different online marketing channels, gives you better insights in your customers and, more importantly, you know what their needs are. We use this information to find the customers you are looking for.

Our online marketing services

Leadgate Europe offers five different online marketing services:
  • Marketing strategy: Together with you, we develop an effective marketing strategy based on the available data.
  • Online Advertising: We make sure you get the most out of your online advertising with Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads.
  • Website Optimization: We generate more leads on your current traffic with website optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Content Marketing: We use data to create relevant content and send it to your customers at the right time.
  • Marketing Automation: We give you better insights in the needs of your customers and automate the complete buyer journey.

The Leadgate Europe process

With the Leadgate Smart Marketing Engine, as shown in the picture on the right, we can automate the complete leadflow and provide new leads. We will nurture these leads with relevant content (mailings, news, blogs) in an ongoing process using our marketing automation platform, available specifically for you. By measuring all our actions, we can do substantiated analysis on all our activities and provide feedback for improvement. This is an ongoing process we use for all our activities.