Marketing as a Service

''Marketing as a Service vendors help companies plan and manage marketing-intensive activities.'' --Karen D. Schwartz

What is Marketing-as-a-service?

Marketing as a service (MaaS) is a type of service where you get a complete marketingteam with specialist from an online marketing agency. The benefit of MaaS is that you do not need to hire marketing employees yourself anymore. Save money on the costs of expensive online marketeers without any knowledge of the IT branch!

Why we believe in Marketing-as-a-Service?

We believe all marketing activities should be available ‘’as-a-service’’. That is why all our services are available in different structures in a flexible way. In this way our service can be adjusted to your needs.

Take a look at our packages for more information on the three different packages we offer.

Why do you choose Leadgate Europe as your online marketing agency?

Leadgate Europe is a data driven online marketing agency focused on IT companies. We combine the strength of online marketing with our knowledge in IT. This is why we are the most suitable partner to cooperate with when technology needs to be commercialized.

Our benefits:

  • We understand IT: all our employees have experience in or knowledge with IT.
  • We offer Marketing-as-a-service: all our services are available in different structures in a flexible way.
  • We work data driven: we take decisions based on data and use it for optimization.
  • Online Marketing specialists: we know how to use Online Marketing to generate leads for your IT company.

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